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"My name is Ziggy, the man who destroys people like you!"

- Ziggy to the mechanical militia in Guns N Souls

Ziggy (ジギー ) is the protagonist of the game. He is on a journey to save the world and his brother Zero from the Mechanical Militia.

He is voiced by Yuichi Nakamura (中村 悠一) in the sequel Guns N Souls.

Physical Appearance[]

Ziggy is a young man around 15-20 years old. Ziggy has sliver hair and gray eyes. He wears a dark blue outfit with a golden symbol similar to a trident and wears yellow gloves and brown boots

In Guns N Souls, he wears the same outfit, but has a different hairstyle. He appears to more taller than he was in the prequel.


The game begins as Ziggy, the main character, and Zero, his little brother, are running away from Full House, a Stargazer in the mechanical militia. Full House takes Zero away and is about to kill Ziggy when the Soul Master appears. He uses Ziggy's cube pendant to summon Her Majesty, a soldier-type Tune Trooper. The Soul Master and the Tune Trooper defeat the robots and drive Number 42 and Full House away. The Soul Master then explains to Ziggy that he is a conductor, and can summon and control an army through the music that is on the user's iPod. After 5 years of training, Ziggy starts his quest to find his little brother.

A young man full of human emotions with the power of song summoner fighting with music as a weapon.

In The sequel Guns N Souls, he vows revenge on KTK for taking his brother’s and confronts the beast with a weapon called "gun blade". He encounters a mysterious pink haired girl who also was called Number 42 though she is human and begins to build a romantic relationship through the story.

In the ending of Guns N Souls, he found 42 sleeping and begs her to wake up. She remembers her name was Kokoro. They both discussed about a love story between a machine and a human. Later, the couple returned to the planet.