Song Summoner the Unsung Heroes Wiki

Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes is an iPod tactical role-playing game developed and published by Square Enix worldwide.

A new version entitled Song Summoner: The Unsung Heroes - Encore was announced for the iPod Touch and iPhone at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show . This game expands on the original game with new Tune Troopers and a reworked storyline twice the size of the first. The game was released on App Store on December 2nd.

The app was removed on May 13, 2016. This app has issues with iOS 8 and up.


Song Summoner is similar to other Square Enix tactical games, but unique in that troops, called Tune Troopers, are generated from songs on the user's iPod. There are 50 characters that can be generated, each of which falls into one of five job classes: Soldier, Mage, Archer, Knight, and Monk. Most of the Troopers and their skills are named or modeled after songs, albums and musicians from both Japanese and Western music.

Each Trooper is given a rank of bronze, silver, gold or platinum as well as a secondary letter ranking based on its statistics in relation to its rank. The higher a Trooper's rank, the fewer times it can be deployed; however, further deployments, called rewinds, can be bought. When the player plays a song, from which a trooper is constructed, outside of the game, they receive pearls which can be used to strengthen your troops in battle. You can get the pearls by defeating monsters in quests, or in the rehearsal room. The rehearsal room is a place where you can do mock battles for your troop and your troop only.


The game begins as Ziggy, the main character, and his little brother, Zero, are running away from Full House, a stargazer in the mechanical militia. Full House takes Zero away and is about to kill Ziggy when the Soul Master shows up and takes the cube pendant from Ziggy's neck. He uses the pendant to summon "Her Majesty", a Soldier Tune Trooper, and explains to Ziggy (the player) that he is a conductor and can control an army through the music on your iPod. After 5 years of training, Ziggy sets off on a quest to collect more Tune Troopers and take down the mechanical militia, the Stargazer Full House, and the Overlord (Number 42) in order to save his little brother from a fate worse than death. You start playing as Ziggy at the Song Master's Palace. First he winds up rescuing a robot deserter, which he names Z.E.R.O. Then he goes on to destroy Full House. After the battle, he sees a huge eye (The Core System). Ziggy also meets Golden Wing, a "Superstar" who was imprisoned by the Stargazers. By destroying Full House, Ziggy and Z.E.R.O will advance to silver level. At the end, it is revealed that Z.E.R.O. is not a deserter and has been working for Number 42 all along. Z.E.R.O. kills Zero, Ziggy's little brother, and Ziggy vows to get revenge on the mechanical militia.